Belio Antonio’s eclectic background, dedication, and passion for music as
                                              well as his vision and ambitions for the genre set him apart as a salsa
                                             singer and songwriter. He is an artist who wishes to inspire salseros to
                                          experience the genre as a convergence of Afro-Latino and European
                                        rhythms about love, community, struggle, and liberation. Belio Antonio
                                       accomplishes this through authenticity, natural ability, and poetic lyrics
                                      based on stories about everyday life.

                                            “Salsa speaks to the heart of Latinos, Latinoamericanos, and
                                                  non-Latins alike by reflecting our collective experience as a critical,
                                                     loving, warm, struggling and yet tough and resilient people,”

                                                           Belio Antonio says.

                                                            If you ask this emerging artist, he will tell you he discovered
                                                                his love for salsa early in his youth, but it seems salsa
                                                                   actually discovered him. Belio Antonio was born in Rio
                                                                     Piedras, Puerto Rico and later moved to New York City,
                                                                           into the heart of the salsa movement. Belio Antonio’s Dominican native parents moved from the Big Apple back to the Dominican Republic. This move gave him an opportunity to become better acquainted with his parent’s Dominican culture, which he embraced as his own. It was in the Dominican Republic that he developed his passion for salsa, dancing, and singing.

Belio Antonio has a doctorate of philosophy and communication degree from the University of Florida and lectures in the United States, Latin America and Europe. As a scholar, he wishes to better understand the cultural elements, narratives, and life stories that have made salsa such a rich and internationally recognized genre. As a salsero, Belio Antonio’s desire is to make a coherent contribution to the genre highlighting its roots in social progress. His lectures on social change and strategic communication are accompanied by the hope he shares, with the global salsa community, through his music. The road to becoming the salsero Belio Antonio is today was built upon his experiences as a Puerto Rican, New Yorker, Dominican, scholar, community leader, singer-songwriter, and producer.

Join Belio Antonio’s journey through Facebook, YouTube and by following his blog.


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